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Delhi Scholars International School instigates curiosity and inquisitiveness in children, as holistic learning happens only when theoretical learning is suitably complemented with experiential know-how and Do-It-Yourself strategies. While the foundation of education is based on best practices of the traditional Indian value system, it is eventually blended with the needs of the competitive era. DSIS adopts a student-centric system with ample opportunities for exploratory work and creative learning..

To be able to watch your children thrive and grow at their own pace and age-appropriately is something every parent anticipates. Life is synonym for learning, apart from living. The unilateral sources of learning now need to transform into a 360 degree approach. Right school is the medium through which children are exposed to various such sources and assimilate immense wisdom which brings about an instrumental change in them. The 20th and 21st century generations have steadily embraced the objective of education being the pivotal factor for a versatile development instead of being a monotonous task meant only for acquiring degrees and financial stability in life. Delhi Scholars International School believes in instilling a healthy conscientiousness in children to facilitate well-adjusted cognitive abilities.

DSIS surveyed 200 parents to understand the parameters they weigh to seek admission of their children. After all, they are all set to spend the fourteen or fifteen most formative and crucial years in the institute they select. We take pride in the fact that the answers to each one of them are imbibed in the ethos of DSIS.

1. Is the school future-ready?
The positive approach is to know how the school is prepared for the future than its past antecedents. Delhi Scholars International School equips children with contextual skills that can help them navigate the uncertain future and succeed in the jobs and workplaces of that era. The school aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment to appropriate degrees to mould scholars in the 21st Century. The endeavour is to drive a personalized, technology-enabled Curricula and instruction which strengthens the base of elementary education. Teachers have come out of board and chalks and have re-aligned themselves to a research-based and real-world problem-solving approach. The school designs its curriculum which emphasizes on the 4C’s of Education, namely, Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration which paves way to innovation and inventions.
2. How experienced and skilled are the teachers/mentors?
Teachers are undoubtedly the sculptors of the developmental lifespan of an individual. The teachers at Delhi Scholars International School are being trainedto understand of the learning styles of each student, which helps to match the teaching styles and pace. We believe, “One size does not fit all”. The educational content is rigorously scrutinized and reviewed to keep it interesting for students by using different strategies such as the use of visuals and impressive feats and facts. The expertise of a school counsellor has been introduced to guide, advise, recommend, consult, and assist with the nearly limitless variety of concerns that students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the school at large have.
3. Does learning happen only within the classrooms and textbooks?
Learning is an experience. And experience relates to long term learning. Delhi Scholars International School has successfully handled online, and blended modes of learning. Embracing the fact that for the efficacy of the mind, there is a need to align three components of learning: knowledge and skills, instructional strategies and assessment patterns. Periodic assignments with an emphasis on hands-on experiments, listening activities, debates & discussions and active speaking in all grades show the fact that right melange of the cultural, social and aesthetic development for the learners, cut a fine balance between scholastic and co-scholastic activities.
4. How is safety ensured in the school?
Delhi Scholars International School abides verbatim with CBSE’s laid down briefs on fire safety management, structural safety, how to deal with violence and ragging in schools, how to protect children from sexual abuse, and how to ensure the safety of children in school transport, among others. The school is under CCTV surveillance at all vulnerable areas within the school at all times. It adopts a stringent policy to limit the entry of outsiders within its premises. The school ensures that the non-teaching staffs such as bus drivers, conductors, peons and other support staff’s contracts and police verification are reviewed periodically and proper records are maintained. Children are under constant vigilance even during recess and sports periods.
5. How are children assessed?
We at Delhi Scholars International School do not hold ‘marks only’ assessments. A true evaluation of IQ, EQ and moral development in a child is a broader perspective than marks and report cards. A child during primary education is observed; the student’s work and performance are then documented for a year, this allows our teachers to assimilate a record of the child’s growth and development. As the scholar climbs up the ladder of education, his/her previous record is analysed to plan an appropriate and effective individualized instruction base. A child is assessed in all the three domains of education – cognitive, affective and psychomotor.
6. What are the co-scholastic approaches of the school?
Learning is a multi-dimensional approach. Delhi Scholars International School has excelled in both scholastic and co-scholastic avenues, which is evident from its inexhaustible list of achievements. Besides the scholastic areas, various co-scholastic areas are a part of the development process in DSIS which allows the students to express themselves, such as, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, various individual and team sports, Social and Life Skills training along with personality development curriculum. Children construct stories in ‘Story Telling Session’ through a series of pictures or assemble toys by following guided instructions and illustrations. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-house cultural, sports events, co-scholastic societies & clubs and through “Theme based Assemblies”. Approaches to active learning techniques like play-way methods, dramatics, puppetry, and performing arts (singing, dancing etc) and basic culinary sense enhance their interest in learning.
7. How can the school be called value-driven?
We take pride in the fact that Delhi Scholars International School is a value-driven school instead of a value-based school. The sense of morals and values are permeated through the curriculum teaching; the school aims to align the values taught and scholars’ actions. Students here at DSIS are not rewarded for adhering and obeying the rules, instead, they get recognition and the opportunity to lead by example for exhibiting the values. We strongly believe in the 7 pillars of value-based education i.e. values in character, personality, health, environment, national heritage and history, community and skill, as it is said, ‘The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”.